LOla Voroninas Rede zum BPT112

Veröffentlicht: 5. Dezember 2011 in Die Welt ist alles, was der Fall ist

Lola hat als Sprecherin der russischen Piraten und im Namen der PPI auf unserem Parteitag eine wirklich bewegende Rede gehalten, die ich euch nicht vorenthalten will:


Rede von Lola Voronina
International coordinator Pirate Party of Russia
Chief Administrative Officer, Pirate Parties International
Friends, citizens, …pirates.
As you gather here, you are not a German party. You are the flagship
of an international community of freedom fighters. The enemies of
liberty, free ideas and culture, and the net must know that the price
of that policy is being kicked out of office. Being _fired_. For
_incompetence_, towards the office and the public. No people in the
world have shown that better than you who are sitting here today, and
I think it is something you should be proud of.
But paradoxically, the net is not only liberating of ideas. At the
same time, it is the greatest equalizer that humankind has ever
invented. The ability to tell your own story means that nobody is able
to hijack your interests and claim to speak in your name, ever again.
What this means is that a nine-year-old girl in Paraguay with her
first laptop is an equal to all of us sitting here in the rich parts
in the world. That is … I think that is something fantastic, and
something worth defending.
So ironically, we are better at liberty than those who would
previously call themselves liberals, and we are better at equality
than those who would previously call themselves socialists. These are
not opposites. They come together – with everybody being able to speak
for themselves. This is why the Net changes the world more than the
printing press did.
But there are those who would prevent this liberty, participation, and
equality. Those who see that it removes their privileges. Privileges
of interpretation, of telling lies, and of deceiving the world for
profit. The battle has only just begun, and they have won many
victories. It is us, and only us, who have discovered their critical
weakness: their very political power.
We are one of the last lines of defense of all that we believe in. The
world is watching.
But the world is not watching to see when we trip over, for the
opportunity to laugh at us. No. Not anymore. They are watching us in
_respect_. They are watching us, so they can _copy_ us.
I have a hard time thinking of a finer and more honest way to show us respect.
Fair winds, my friends. The decisions you make here will be wise. I am
proud to call myself a pirate.
Enjoy the assembly.

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